Patch for MEM Trial

In 30 minutes or less, you’ll be patching your third‑party applications right out of your Microsoft MECM console.

This version includes a rebranding from Patch for SCCM to Patch for MEM that you will see reflected throughout the documentation.

To complete the install of Patch for MEM it will require the creation of a database instance to store and manage the Patch for MEM user settings. To do this you will need dbcreator credentials.

Ivanti Patch for MEM Download:

Download v2020.2 Update 4 – 65.1 MB (.exe)

  • SHA-1: 425AD01D1CF84651C8ED0537E14DAB79DA45F9C5
  • SHA-256: 3700B9FDF86B3E4D1E989FE2A1A17A138DC495474D4391626BBBB8D0F43CE03D
  • Access the product which will launch the DMT (database migration tool) to complete the database setup

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NOTE: This is a limited 60-day trial that will allow you to publish up to five products from our extensive third-party catalog. Click the link below to access a full list of software you can patch with Patch for MEM.