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Gartner Analyst Report: Leverage 4 Domains of AITSM to evolve ITSM Tools and Practices

According to Gartner,"As demands on I&O organizations grow, I&O leaders seek opportunities to automate proactive management of their environments. According to the 2019 Gartner I&O Management Survey, 94% of respondents responsible for strategic I&O efforts said they are either already investing in I&O automation or plan to start by 2021. The post coronavirus "new normal" will be shaped by severe cost optimization that calls on I&O leaders to drive new efficiencies, while necessitating cuts to services."

Read this research from analyst firm Gartner to learn about the four domains of AITSM, including use-case examples, benefits, and risks of each domain.

After reading this report we feel, I&O leaders will understand the AITSM requirements for quality data from which to learn, predict and react.

Gartner, "Leverage 4 Domains of AITSM to Evolve ITSM Tools and Practices; September 21, 2020; Chris Matchett"